Ongoing caregiving

The thermal-water treatment of healthy individuals is shown to help prevent diseases and keep the body and mind in optimal conditions.

The waters from the thermal springs of Elbasan, and especially from "Spring Nosi" are noticeably more rich in its properties than those of neighboring countries, while the rates are significantly lower.

In this relax and restoration center, under the care of two specialized doctors, Dr. Thanas Toska - with 40 years of experience in balneology, and Dr. Lumturi Pre├ža, with 35 years of experience in clinical rheumatology, along with a highly qualified nursing staff, it is possible to treat, cura and prevent the following conditions:

  • Rheumatic and bone diseases.
  • Infertility in couples, especially in women.
  • Some skin conditions, like eczemas.
  • Blood circulation in the limbs.
  • Fatigue after hard physical or mental labor.

The treatment consists of thermal water baths or mineral mud therapy.

We cannot accept clients that have heart conditions, thrombophlebite, melena, cerebral hemorrage, and a number of other conditions for which the receiving medical personnel does not allow treatment with thermal waters because this could pose dangers to their health.

The thermal station, the treatment with thermal water and mineral mud, offers health benefits to people of any age, interested in keeping a healthy body or in the treatment of various conditions. The treatment increases hormone production, enhances blood circulation, and drastically improves sexual desire and activity in both sexes. It is very beneficial in extending the age of sexual activity.