Built by the entrepreneur Grigor Nosi, the station started its activity on May 28, 1932. The station is located in the village of Tregan, twelve kilometers from the city of Elbasan, on the road to Cerrik. The commute is covered by a regular bus service. The license for the use of the "Nosi Spring" hot sulfurous thermal water resources has bee issued by the High State Council on June 20, 1932.

After being nationalized in 1946, this propriety was, thanks to the 1991 political changes, returned to the late Grigor Nosi’s inheritors, who re-established the public limited company “Park Nosi” in 1995.

Nowadays, this company runs its activities mainly in offering thermal baths and mud-packing treatment which, besides its curing properties, is also effective in stimulating sexual activity.

The spa baths resort has 76 accommodation rooms, 24 thermal pools and one fungo-therapeutical ward with a highly qualified medical staff, who can check as much as three patients at a time. The presence of a specialist doctor in this spa springs resort is ever compulsory.

Recently the co-owners have decided to sell this property and activity if there is an adequate offer.