The thermal springs resort covers an area of 53000 m2 with plenty of woods, flower-gardens and jardinières, asphaulted grounds and paths, ideal for physical jerking and training, as it is fully recommended for such thermal- baths treatment.

“Hotel Parku”, a four floored hotel building, stands in the middle of the site being connected with the thermal pools. The fango-therapeutical ward is also included in the same building. This hotel building has 63 rooms which might accommodate 133 clients. Besides this hotel, there stands another hotel building dubbed "The new Hotel” with 10 rooms and 20 beds of high comfort.

There are also some other premises with annexes, the old Villa (once used for the polit-bureau members only), a kitchen-building, a restaurant for 200 people and a bar.

The green exterior, with beautiful vistas and gardens, improves the treatment's effectivity. The flowers and decorative trees provide for a relaxing and reinvigorating environment. Treatments are typically done in a bi-weekly basis, starting on the first and sixteenth of each month, but accommodations can be made for different length of stay. The pay-rate includes the cost for the medical-check, accommodation,  food and spa bathing. An extra-charge is incurred for the fango-therapeutical treatments.